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COCARD: Member-Owned, Merchant-Driven

COCARD was founded over twenty years ago with a single vision: to become the top company in the payments space. We’ve achieved this ambitious goal by sticking to some key principles, such as providing members with real ownership of our success, and by always leading the industry with innovative technologies and practices.

The secret to our success is two-fold:

  1. Give our members a stake in our success.
  2. Invest heavily in always improving and servicing our products.

These two priorities helped us play the long game. Over twenty years, we’ve developed a deep pool of talented, vested members who thrive on a system of mutual support and ownership. We continue to invest heavily in our R&D teams, making sure no company offers merchants and their customers a better payment services experience than COCARD. 

R&D: Better All the Time

We entered this industry at the start of the new millennium. Boy, how the payments space has changed in those twenty years! We knew that to lead in the Digital Age, we needed to be the best at adapting and creating tomorrow’s technology. That’s exactly what we did. From the start, we said “no thanks” to quick profits, investing a substantial part of our revenue into building a better product.

There is no payments company that better supports their R&D team, where we devote 50% of our staffing resources to constantly improving and servicing our products.

The culmination of this constant investment can be found in our groundbreaking Revonu product line. Our lineup of Revonu POS solutions empowers merchants with:

  • Dedicated Security and Functionality Team
  • Mobile Solutions and Stand-Alone Hardware
  • Android, Windows, and iOS Software Solutions (Bring Your Own Tablets)
  • Seamless, Secure Payment Platform and Customer Interface
  • Cloud-Based Reporting and Transaction Management
  • Full PCI Compliance

These solutions require a dedicated, talented team of tech professionals, and COCARD is proud of what we’ve achieved together. Our merchants are always thrilled with our solutions, and our members are thrilled to provide them!

Members Own Our Success

Over the years, we’ve seen so many talented people come through our door for the first time, physically and emotionally drained. They hopped from sales network to network, never finding one that truly made them feel seen or heard, and always failing to constructively incorporate their feedback from the field. After finding COCARD, they stick around, and they show what those other networks were missing by not tapping their tremendous potential.

We have a guiding philosophy that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry and leads to the very best payment solutions for our merchant network: When our members and their clients succeed, we succeed. If they don’t, then neither should we. That’s why we offer 90% split rates- the highest in the industry, as well as a deep member support system to help you achieve (and raise) your goals. It’s also why our members own our business.

The best way to create a sense of accountability, support, and a shared mission is to give the whole team a sense of ownership in our results. For that reason, every COCARD member is a shareholder . They don’t just reap the benefits of our competitive commissions, insane split rates, 24/7 support network, and ever-improving products and services. They own a share of the success they bring us.

Member-ownership not only drives our team to give their best but to give meaningful feedback as well. Our elite product offering is a team effort, from the engineers that build them to the tireless work of our members to relay merchant feedback.

The End Result: Everybody Wins

From Day One, COCARD made a bold bet: Rather than pursuing quick profits for the executive office, we can lead this industry by having the most successful members and the most aggressive R&D team. This all-in investment in our members and our product never changed.

Together, we’ve created a powerful feedback loop between our merchants and their customers, our motivated members, and our incredible team. The result is that from the merchant to the CEO, everybody shares in COCARD’s growing success.

 If you’re ready to join the winning team, get in touch today!


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