Founded in 1999, COCARD is a company of like-minded, owner-operated, Independent Sales Offices (ISOs). Our unique structure allows us to capitalize on collective bargaining power and a mutually leveraged exit strategy. Our mission is to pass this value on to our clients.

COCARD is managed by member-volunteers with over 100 years of industry experience, who give their time to serving on our board and its various committees. We also have full-time leadership and a dedicated staff headquartered in Nashville, TN. Our paid staff is small, and our operating expenses are low, which lets us pass savings to our members and merchants.

Member Benefits

Look no further than COCARD for a company that puts its agents and member-owner offices first. Our entire program was developed with the goal of setting you apart from the competition and helping you to succeed in the marketplace, according to your own vision. Each member is part-owner of COCARD, with no executive management team to take a chunk of revenue or pass expenses onto partners and merchants. We are a unique company in the electronic payment space. Our prices are competitive, and we provide superior customer service to our merchant base and our partners.

COCARD is unlike any other credit card processing provider. Not only do we offer a full range of merchant solutions, but we also provide unique sales programs to our member partners. Our compensation plans are also among the most lucrative available. COCARD’s flexible revenue sharing program gives every member the opportunity to take advantage of 90% splits while still offering some of the lowest rates to the merchant. This makes COCARD a WIN/WIN for all parties.

With COCARD, you can rest assured knowing that you partnered with a stable, reliable company that puts you first. We have been in business since 1999, and we never go back on our commitments to partners and merchants. Trusted, tried and true…… Let COCARD show you what sets us apart!

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities available at COCARD, please contact:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a pathway for members and resellers to maximize value to their organization through a member-owned structure. Our focus is to improve each member’s individual business strategies without compromising their entrepreneurial spirit. By collectively pooling our resources and knowledge, our goal is to enhance the overall economic return and security for all members.

Top Ten Reasons Why Members Choose COCARD

  1. Maximize Income: COCARD offers the highest percentage/split in the industry, along with leveraged buy rates from top processors and preferred pricing from third party vendors. 
  1. Strength in Numbers: Members have control and ownership of revenue, as well as the security of knowing that their income will be protected.
  1. Multiple Platforms: Our wide range of platforms include First Data Omaha, First Data North, First Data Buypass/Concord, TSYS, Global, eProcessing and WorldPay.
  1. Guaranteed Equality: COCARD’s operating agreement protects all members and guarantees equality between all member offices.
  1. Non-Exclusivity: COCARD will not force members to send business through COCARD. 
  1. Ownership: Members have an ownership interest in the company, with the future option to cash out at an attractive multiple. 
  1. Exit strategy: Members can include their merchant portfolio on a “tag along” provision in any future capital transaction.
  1. Be a Stakeholder: COCARD members can be owners themselves, rather than just another ISO. Our member offices can help shape policy from within. Board seats and committee positions are available for high performers. 
  1. Succeed Together: Our members are invested in each other’s success, so we share ideas, resources, and value-added products. 
  1. Transparency and Trust: COCARD is a true democracy and is the only owner-operated organization of its kind in the industry. Board minutes, contracts, pricing, P & L’s, and residual reporting are all made available openly to our members.