Card Payments Legislation: More On the Way  

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If you want to lead in any industry, you better follow the news. This is doubly true for the payments space, whose regulations, technology, and trends are always changing. Let’s get you caught up on how the regulatory environment could change in 2023, and what it could mean for you and your clients. In an […]

Crypto Rewards: Niche Market or Game Changer?

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Over the last few years, the frenzied speculation of cryptomania has given way to an understanding that cryptocurrency is here to stay.
More and more, businesses are accepting major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment, and credit card providers are starting to offer them as rewards.
Earning cryptocurrency as cashback is a major innovation, with unique challenges and benefits for consumers.
Time will tell whether this remains a niche offering for crypto enthusiasts, or whether more people are drawn to the opportunity to earn a solid return on their rewards.