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Members Capitalize on a Powerful Network with COCARD

At COCARD, we don’t just have members; we have partners. As a member-owned network of ISOs (independent sales offices), we strive to make sure our products and services add maximum value to our members, merchants, and their customers. If a single part of that chain isn’t getting the absolute most out of their relationship with COCARD and our technologies, then nobody is.

That’s why we offer the best percentage split in the entire industry: 90%. It’s why we’ve kept our commitment to offer merchants the lowest, most competitive rates in the country for over twenty years, as well as elite training and insights to supercharge their sales figures. It’s also why we offer the most streamlined, fully integrated POS solutions the nation has to offer, eliminating friction in the transaction experience and making easy sales for our members. It’s also why our revenue grew over 40% last year alone, with most of that increased value going straight to our member-owners.

Let’s take a look at how joining the COCARD network can empower you to reach your true potential, and make lasting change for the businesses that you connect with our POS solutions.

A Best-in-Class, Integrated POS Solution that Sells Itself

We can’t discuss the advantages of COCARD for long without sharing our most exciting offering: our line of Revonu POS solutions. COCARD’s Revonu products offer merchants across industries the power to securely transact with their clients, as well as a streamlined, fully integrated POS experience.

  • Dedicated Security and Functionality Team
  • Mobile and Dedicated Hardware
  • Android, Windows and iOS Software Solutions (Bring Your Own Tablets)
  • Seamless, Secure Payment Solutions and Customer Interface
  • Cloud-Based Reporting and Transaction Management
  • Full PCI Compliance

Revonu is our main line of POS solutions. We offer mobile and standalone hardware, all fully integrated from menu navigation to payment, as well as customized reporting, calendar functionality, and cloud-based management of your data. Our dedicated development and QA teams are constantly updating our software to ensure a best-in-class, secure experience.

Introducing RevonuMax: A True Game-Changer in the POS Space

At COCARD: we keep a healthy line of communication between our members and their clients, which leads to industry-leading technology. Our members and merchants spoke, and we listened. The result is our greatest POS offering yet: RevonuMax.

With RevonuMax, merchants don’t just transform their iPad or Android device into a counter-top register or mobile Point of Sale. They get a full customer interface and CRM suite on a single platform. Merchants customize menus and play with different designs to see what their customers love. With inventory, custom reports, calendar and attendance functionality, merchants gain key insights into what strategies are working for them and where they need to adjust.

After upgrading to one of our Revonu products, many clients find that they don’t even need their CRM software anymore. Revonu simply does it all, and RevonuMax is our most powerful product yet. 

A Real Sales Support System

We consistently see our member’s professional lives transformed when they join the COCARD family, and it’s not just about our superior product offerings and unrivaled 90% split rate. When you become a member, you can count on continued access to our network to help develop your industry knowledge and salesmanship. Unlock access to years of our combined experience and connections when you join COCARD.

Our CEO’s proprietary Diamond Model, informed by extensive psychological research and decades of experience, has changed the way our members approach sales. First and foremost, we constantly innovate and improve to make sure we arm our members with the single best product on the market. We then provide a proven, data-driven approach to communicating that value to merchants across industries, as well as huge numbers of high-converting leads to pursue.

This combination, a superior product with a powerful sales system, translates to members adding immeasurable value to more clients than they ever thought possible.

So let’s review what sets us apart:

  • A member-owned network with an industry-leading 90% split percentage
  • The best POS solution suite on the market with unrivaled security, seamless experience, and customizable interface for merchants in any industry, on virtually any platform.
  • Access to twenty years of research and experience in the art of selling huge volumes in our industry, as well as a patented sales system to unlock your true potential.

When you combine these factors, you have only a few questions left to ask:

Are you ready to move to the next level in your professional career?
Are you ready to add unprecedented value to not only your own professional life but those of the clients you serve?
Are you ready to become a member, a partner, and a stakeholder in the COCARD network?

Contact us today to join our family and discover your true potential.